Feed My Starving Children

Design fixture and visual merchandising package for the Feed My Starving Children’s Marketplace Artisan Shops.

Address merchandising needs for home goods, tee shirts, holiday ornaments, fashion accessories and jewelry.

Direct and advise a company with little to no experience with merchandising on how to create dominant and consistent visual statements in all locations.

Provided a flexible collection of mix and match fixtures with a small enough footprint to work within existing spaces of any size and shape.

Focused on natural materials, simple and frugal designs to maintain consistency with FMSC’s reputation as a responsible philanthropic organization.

Package included workable floorplans, merchandising guidelines and resources.

Signing and branding elements, including FMSC original photography of women who work and benefit from FMSC’s world outreach create a powerful and personal connection to volunteers and customers.

Feed My Starving Children

Visual Merchandising, Fixture Design, Signing, Graphics, Spacial Design